So how do we change circumstances, in what areas can we make a difference? The areas that we submit to God! Sounds so easy and such a pat answer, it's not. Our problem is, that we forget or we don't practice the reality of God's presence in lives. By this I mean we don't talk to Him about our pain, our emotion's and our desires. What's that old song? " I Surrender All" that includes more than sin, more than our immorality, it's so blatantly says ALL. ALL our pain, disappointment, our sense of having no control, our inability to forgive at times. The whole gamut of stuff! Just tell Him how you feel!


Every one in the house is still asleep, it's Saturday morning! While my home will never be on the "Rich And The Famous" list of homes it is comfortable. 

This morning I am thinking of a brother and sister that are of elementary school age. They were at our kitchen Thursday evening to eat, some of the other kids spoke to them and there may have been some laughter. But in the end it was just the two of them sitting at the table eating their meal. 

I had seen the boy earlier making suggestive sexual gestures. But now he kept looking back at me while he ate. Their clothes while not shabby were not up to date, they were hand me downs from somewhere. They've been at our kitchen before to eat but always leaving alone no one ever with them. I see abuse written all over them, maybe not physical but it is likely there has been some physical abuse from some where. And while that is terrible, the lack of any form of love is worse. 

There are too of many children in our city that wander around in our streets with no purpose and no hope of love from a single or pair of parents there waiting for them to come home.

I am affected by them, it's where God has placed me like, Thursday evening sitting with a homeless man listening while my mind is actually focused on these two children.

I had three stages of this actually surrounding me, a man named Jim,around 60 or so years old, been homeless and a drunk for as long as I can remember, the young man in his 20's being pursued by a homosexual, for his sexual favors, he can live with him. And then the children, not the only children but yet very important to God. I remember thinking as everyone were preparing to leave and some were praying how invisible they were, yet someone gave them a cup of chili to take home. The little girl continued to eat going down the sidewalk.

Pray for them, pray for me and my wife, sometimes their hopelessness is over powering in our lives. 

But yes our Hope of Glory, King Jesus is always stronger!


The struggle that we seem to face daily in surrendering our past life is not the sin we committed such as sexual immorality, speaking lies, breaking covenants or promises, etc... It is how we rationalize away the responsibility of our actions or reactions to the boundaries of God that are meant to keep us free. We scream from the rooftops no judgment, no condemnation. Yet saying I receive the counsel of God, in doing this we no more receive the counsel of God than when we were practicing sinners. Correction is not judgment nor condemnation it is love when done the proper way. 
First the person bringing the correction needs to be very prayerful and really seek the truth as to y they even think they can do such a thing, let alone is there an underlying reason for their wanting to bring correction. Many times when we see things in others it is to bring us to our knees in a spirit of repentance. He is showing us our faults!
Second when and if we sense a release from the precious Holy Spirit to speak to someone, it needs to be done gently and with kindness. Always speaking to the person as to who Christ desires for them to be, not who they are at the present time. 



It is by the G.I.F.T. That we can go through any situation successfully. Grace, Intimacy with God, Faith,& Truth, our GIFT from God to succeed!





 Holy Spirit thank You for being here with me and for me. Thank You for bringing all things to remembrance that I have downloaded for your purpose at the very moment it is needed. Thank You for teaching me all things that are necessary for me to complete the vision and plan God my Father has laid out for me. Thank You Holy Spirit for anointing me to destroy yokes of bondage in others!

And most of all Holy Spirit thank You for drawing me to Christ Jesus my Savior. Thank You for opening my eyes to see my need and to give me the words to repent and ask Jesus into my life! Thank you for everything You have done and are doing in me and for me! In Jesus name, Amen!